Monday, July 20, 2009

Impact - The Sound Of Money (tape, Kubus Kommunikaties kk 024, 1985)

The bad news is that the tape deck from Dr. Freakowitz broke down. The good news is that he mailed me a box - the first of various boxes - with about thirty tapes to continue his contributions. And what a box it is, and the first I am postinv, is the last release by Kubus Kommunikations, by a band called Impact. This music has nothing to do with the music the label delt with before, good ambient and experimental music, but its plain, dumb hard rock. I guess Kubus wanted to give this a try, and when things didn't work, the label stopped. There is no catalogue number, so perhaps it might very well just a demo. De Nederlandse Cassette Catalogus mentions kk 024 for this.

Not for sale


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Psyence Guy said...

That's great news. Wonderful site ya got here!