Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pand 35 - Staalwol (tape, 19??)

Sometimes people complain that there is so little information on musicians, but its so hard to go by the cover. I am not sure if this tape is by Pand 33 and 'Staalwol' is the title or vice versa. Its funny that I borrowed a bunch of tapes from a unnamed friend and this one was part of it, while I also have a copy myself. Its quite alright experimental, electronic music. Maybe some conservatory students going wild?



Anonymous said...

are you sure that the title of both the artist and the tape are not Staalwol and Pand53 is the catalogue number? That's how this first struck me.

433 RPM said...

did you actually read what i said on the subject of title and band name?


Koen said...

If I look on the picture I see
"Pand 53 - Staalwol".
Pand 53 is from Groningen Holland.
Pand 53 was the homenumber of the adres from the artist in Groningen.
Pand 53 has also made a dubble cassette in 1983 called "Dansen" and "Indianen". I have both.
The music is electronic music.
With some early seventies German experience I find it very good.
Is it possible to get een copy from the music?

Menno Knevel said...


we are the artist, formerly known as Pand 53. So nice to see that at least the cover of the cassette has been digitized!

We have changed our name to NaBob.

We were not aware at all that somebody still has our cassettes and is still enjoying it :)

433 RPM said...

Hi Menno
I re-upped the music as well! thanks for your comment