Friday, July 17, 2009

De Fabriek - Music For Hippies (tape, De Fabriek Records & Tapes, 198?)

Because the mansion is still not yet finished, a quick one: another fine tape by De Fabriek, this one recorded with one P. Funk.



dan said...

Once again a real treat you give us! No Longer Forgotten Music is so damn cool! We always have something from your blog in our mix nightly when our crew hang out till dawn and talk about the state of the world and all the other mysteries! Thanks for providing a spark for us!

Jonesy in New Orleans

Jopie said...

Thank you! The music on this tape was part of a past cooperation with Maurits de Weert aka Handyman Maurice: musician & label boss from Supertracks, amongst many other projects. Also one of the initiators of past? Treetop label: a front runner in the field of music on demand in the early internet years.