Friday, July 10, 2009

The Pump - Two Tapes

The Pump was the forerunner of Nocturnal Emissions. Nigel Ayers says on his website about this: "The Pump was an experimental music group I'd formed in 1977, with my brother Danny and Ian Round. Lots of heavy bass and guitar distortions, cut-up tapes. We did 4 or 5 cassette-only releases - only about 30 copies of each. The first batch were copied at home onto the very cheapest tapes I could find on Brixton Market - you'd be lucky if you could get them to play more than once. Rough Trade bought them though, and that just encouraged me to seek out even cheaper ones for the next release. A few years later someone sent me a review Masima Akita of Merzbow had done of one of these tapes for a glossy magazine in Japan. I've no idea how he got hold of it. The line-up for this show was myself, Caroline K, Harry Turner and Jo Greenman.
"The Pump was way ahead of its time. Certainly way ahead of the students at this art school gig, who pulled the plugs on us after 22 minutes because they couldn't figure out how to dance to it."

That's about one of the two Pump tapes in this zip 'Just Want To Dance', a twenty two minute tape released by Sterile Records (src 2, 1980), Ayers own label. Also included is 'Pum-Pum A Go Kill You Part One' (pump 4, 1980), which, perhaps to Ayers surprise still plays in 2009.

I have decided to make anonynmous comments impossible, as I am fed up with all those people that write as a comment 'track 4 is missing !!!!' - just send me a nice e-mail to fix it. This is a hobby, not a supermarket where you demand service. If you are, I'm nice.

Not for sale

no longer available for download, since this will be re-released by Klanggalarie


Dualtrack said...

Wow. Just WOW. Amazing.
You're like a GOD to me!

433 RPM said...

i am no god, nor a bit anal, just a geezer who borrowed a few tapes and who had some. just enjoy

Luk Sponselee said...

Allthought we're a little bit dull nowadays we still are looking for the Zwoek tape and A Masculine DismenberShip. Or at least the music and artwork (scanned and ripped)
And we never got your mail otherwise we would have answered for sure.

433 RPM said...

zwoek i have, and is also shared on this blog. the other one i no longer have.

just contact me through