Monday, July 27, 2009

Remo Tobs - Gimme Printemps (tape, 1982)

The predecessor of Nine Tobs, around vocalist Han Buhrs, from Arnhem. "NINE TOBS was an avant-garde band formed by HAN BUHRS, a longtime composer and vocalist on the Dutch and French music scene. Hailing originally from Arnhem and later moving to Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Han has been involved in many projects. Nine Tobs was one of these projects and their one-and-only album 'Gruffy Splurge' is a rare gem from the 1980s. Han's projects are always different and he always inserts an element of humour into everything he composes. Influenced by many genres of music, Nine Tobs' music is an eclectic mix of blues, jazz, punk and even disco but with an avant-garde bent. Han's lyrics are unique and his vocal style is always recognisable and distinct and perhaps an acquired taste to many." from the progarchives where you can read much more on Nine Tobs/Remo Tobs.

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