Thursday, July 23, 2009

Richenel - La Diferencia (tape, Fetisj 004, 1982)

If I'm not mistaken than this is the last release that I needed to post to complete this label on this blog. Fetisj, according to De Nederlandse Cassette Catalogus, published five tapes. And this is probably by one of the few artists who can claim (some) fame in a later world. Richenel is Hubertus Richenel Baars, who was a member of a disco group named Luxor, then singer and dancer, known for his androgynous apparence. He scored in the 80s a big hit with 'Dance Around The World'. His fame later on vanished, he moved to Spain, but apparentely a new CD will be released this year.
This early tape already shows some disco influences, lots of synths and rhythms, all along whatever else the label released.


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Psyence Guy said...

Thanks 433! WHat ever happened to this label? Still around?

433 RPM said...

now there's a good question, i'd say. i think they released the five tapes i posted. richenel went on to be famous, but the people behind the label was the previously posted necronomicon. i think they are now wandering techno hippies, big city nomads. but that might be a rumor. but maybe its alike with so many musicians on this (and your) blog: lost forever