Monday, July 21, 2008

Waves (tape, Welvaartstaat Tapes wst 002, 1981), Slonz - Simplon 19 Feb (tape, Welvaartstaat Tapes wst 007, 1982)

In the earlier days of this blog I posted new wave and punk bands from The Netherlands, and will continue to do so if I have them. I found these by accident in the wrong pile. Waves has three groups, Aigretjes, Rags and 4227-b. I couldn't separate per track, but I did by band. The Slonz tape is very short and added a bonus - well of sorts. Slonz is the more experimental of the four, but they all use guitars, drums, bass etc.



Psyence Guy said...

Thanks, I thought the Aigretjes sounded really cool.

Anonymous said...

goh ik ben nog bij dat concert van Slonz geweest,lachuch.
Wist niet dat ie er een tape van gemaakt had.
is ooit mijn buurman geweest.
Ff downen dus.

thermo said...

Trouwens Slonz is ook de brulboei van The Rag5.
Het is maar dat joes het weet.