Saturday, July 5, 2008

City Of Worms - Whime (tape, Big Body Parts, BBP-036, 1988)

I haven't posted much music by Jeph Jerman/Hands To, since much is on CDR available, will become so. However I don't think much of Jerman's City Of Worms will be available like that. City Of Worms was a band with George Erickson, Steve Beckner and Jeph Jerman and one of the first to use live sampling. Much inspired by zoviet*france I always thought, but it's a great band. This is the first post. I have several, but not all, of their releases.

update: 30/10/2008: I have removed the link for City Of Worms 'Whime' release. There is a CDR version now available from Impulsy Stetoskopu. Send them an e-mail to get one:

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Chris said...

I really like this. Tense and relaxing in that low-fi noise way.