Friday, July 25, 2008

John Hudak - Wind, Rain & Clouds To Human Beings (tape, Sound Of Pig sop 236, 1989)

"Born 3 28 58 Framingham Massachusetts USA. John Hudak has been interested in sound and music from the age of four when he began to play a variety of instruments. At the University of Delaware (BA, English 1981) and Naropa Institute for the Arts (1979), he studied video, photography, creative writing and dance. He then began to create taped soundtracks for his solo performance art pieces. In recent years, he has concentrated on sound, particularly natural sounds. Hudak's current sound work focuses on the minimalism and repetition of sounds below the usual threshold of hearing, sounds that are filtered out or considered non-musical. These sounds are recorded, deconstructed and processed, their rhythms and textures being the basis for aural manipulations."

Of this tape, the version I have is a private edition by Hudak himself. At least I think so.

I am busy re-uploading all the missing Massmirror links, which is a lot of work. Only one person offered me one (!) link to help me out. Thanks for that. Maybe I should just stop re-uploading and also sit back. Listen folks, I could do with some help.



Isaac said...

thanks so much for this great tape! it's all very strange, i grew up in washington DC and was first turned onto experimental music by listening to Jeff Surak's old project -1348-, (a frequent collaborator with Hudak)
... now, here I am in my last year at what is now Naropa University, and I had no idea this was a part of John's history as well (!?)


433 RPM said...

no problem, but many americans think its friendly to say 'danke' in a sort of attempt at Dutch or German, but it;'s very much a different language. so danke is german, but i am very much dutch. so much for the linguistic lesson of today

kevinass said...

hi.....i really appreciate what you've done here, and have been coming here for about a year. To my embarrassment, i've never understood the whole re-uploading of links! I havent the slightest idea how to help!!! Is there a simple explanation?

433 RPM said...

simple: make .rar or .zip of the original post with all its contents, then go to, click search computer for the file to upload, click upload and wait until it's done. then send me the two the links generated. that's all. i'll repost them on the blog so that others can download them.