Thursday, July 17, 2008

Falx Cerebri - Antimuzick (7", Artcore Editions ACE-01, 15/11/1985)

If you download this, then you see the extensive liner notes by Graf Haufen for this 'Anti Muzick' 7", but also a biographical thing. Graf Haufen was one of the most important people in the world of cassettes, mail art and art in general and had his own band Falx Cerebri and with that he released one tape, 'Rite 64', which can be found here. One of the labels who released that in 1984 was Korm Plastics, who did a CDR version I think in 2001, with a bonus track. That bonus track is part of this .zip, along with the only 7" Falx Cerebri made 'Anti Muzick' and a highly obscure c6 (!) cassette called 'Black', although I think that was as Graf Haufen. The last thing I heard is that Graf Haufen had his own video store in Berlin and hasn't lost contact with music business, but video is his main interest.


I have removed the link for XX Committee's 'Network' release. There is a CD version now available from Impulsy Stetoskopu. Send them an e-mail to get one:


kevinass said...

i loved this and the tape beatles!! thanks so much

Graf Haufen said...

Thanks so much for the very kind and overly nice words about my work. I feel very honoured!
I think your work with the blog is great and I'm very proud some of my work in on here.
Keep up the great work!

If anybody wants to get in touch, mail me Mr.Slut (at)