Monday, July 28, 2008

Therapie Compilatie 2 (tape, Therapie Organisatie teip A02, 1988?)

I wanted to post Journey Into Pain, but unfortunately (goodbye lots of work) someone beat me to it here although I was going to post the original Japanese version. So today another compilation, from Therapie Organisatie, from Belgium, which was the label of one Peter Desmet, who played music as A Violated Body and Zweiter Korps. None of this existed for very long, but I have various of his releases, which I will post. This compilation, mostly industrial music, contains Neurotic Youth, Tecdor Mental, Cafas Oscuras, The Grey Wolves, Zombies Under Stress, Vidna Obmana, Death Pact International, Albert Paris and A Violated Body.



tristan.koreya said...

the Statutory Tape version of "Journey Into Pain" i've posted contains only half tracks of the original japanese version (the other half is from "Tourney Into Pain").
so the japanese version would be greatly appreciated !!!

433 RPM said...

i see now indeed. ok, let me tag this load and i'll post soon.


space debris said...

Gafas Oscuras were from Belgium. It was a duo, the brothers Stijn and Levi Smismans.
Gafas was going to appear on a volume of the Coconadindina comps on 3Rio but I'm not sure that ever saw the light of day.
They released two tapes in 'private'. Circulation was very limited. We're talking 1986-87 here. We were all very young - getting involved with K7s, mail art...



per23 said...

Hello again,

Yes, the Japanese version of 'Journey into Pain' would be greatly appreciated, not only by me. I am beginning to wonder if there's an infinite number of underground cassettes from the 80s. :-D

Take care,

433 RPM said...

well, not infinite, but not many people post them. i do have a few more, but no longer the 1000s I once had (!)