Sunday, July 13, 2008

Death Pact International - Peace Through Superior Firepower (tape, no label, 198?)

Today this blog exists for one year. Started out as something I was planning to do for just the slow summer period, then I thought to do it for a year. Some weeks ago I made a big pile here of stuff that I still want to do. So I can see the end of this blog somewhere in the future. Perhaps I'll make it into 2009, but a second anniversary is not likely to happen. I don't use soulseek, nor do I share stuff that I didn't make myself (o.k. with some exceptions). Everything on this blog I have (95% that is) I had in my hands, and did all the work (transfer and scans) on. This way I can guarantee it's all correct. And that's why I don't want to take on other stuff too lightly. Today we have Death Pact International, which was started by The Grey Wolves as a sort of music by mail project. Everybody could send in raw sound material which was then mixed together. The name Death Pact International was also open to use by anyone, but I think just The Grey Wolves did, and Midas Music/Korm Plastics did have a small label with collaborations. 'Peace Through Superior Firepower' was made by The Grey Wolves department. Perhaps it came it with a booklet, but I don't seem to have it. More tapes later.



paphio23 said...

Happy Birthday to your blog and thanks a lot for all your work.
Each day a new pearl, a new treasure, the discovery of a Graal!
I hope that you will change your decision for the end of this blog.
I very well know that's hours and hours of works and Lifetime you can't share with your family but you give us so much pleasure.
I'm addict for the beginning and just can tell you: Thank you, un Grand Merci for your Generosity

433 RPM said...

like i said, i will only post things i have in hands, either something that is mine or i can borrow and besides all things end one day. even without having a family, not caring about holidays etc.


Anonymous said...

Come what may, thanks for the introduction the rich musical heretige of your country. You have enlightened me to the fact that there was, and still is, a great Netherlandic area music scene. You have been a guide through a very interesting tour of musical history.Thanx always, these musical gems shall never be forgotten because of people like you:)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the blog.....much appreciation...and...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Anonymous said...

no longer forgotten music is one of the blogs i check every day! many thanks for introducing me to so many bands that I wouldn't know otherwise..
Happy Birthday No longer forgotten music!! :)

Death Pact International said...

Belated Happy Anniversary. Thanks for posting this release.

I think originally DPI was mainly The Grey Wolves but since then has been used by a bunch of different folk from Operation Cleansweep to Wertham to Drone Lebanon. It's still hanging around as a concept.