Wednesday, July 30, 2008

P. Children - P.CH2 (7", SSS 20, 1988), P.CH4 (10", SSS 38, 1991)

In the late 80s more and more so called industrial bands took notice of the musique concrete heritage and started composing music along similar lines, think Illusion Of Safety or THU20, but P. Children were along the same line, even when lesser known. P. Children were Harold Walls, Mike Parker, Robert Kirzinger and it could stand for Pendereweski's Children. I only have their 7", 10" and the CD - the latter which I won't post of course, since I don't do CDs. I don't have their cassette (P.CH1) or LP (P.CH3), which I would be curious to hear. Their covers were always transparant with silk screen. On the 10" its hard to, well improssible to find out what's the a-side and b-side. I have no idea why the stopped or what the band members do these days.



Anonymous said...

If you'd like I could point the man behind SSS to this post to clarify some things for you?

433 RPM said...

sure. love to be back in contact with manny theiner.

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