Sunday, July 20, 2008

Indra Karmuka - Su'O/Rana (7", Drone Records DR 21, 1996), Aardster/Bovist (LP, Rendezvous Radikal 05, 1998)

"Indra Karmuka is a Dutch Electro-acoustic group that creates sound-atmospheres by using electronic manipulation, microphones and effected strings.
They started in the beginning of 1995 and released their first single 'Suo'/'Rana' on the German label Drone Records in november 1996. Their second release 'Aardster'/'Bovist' came out in december 1998 on the Berlin label Rendezvous Radikal. In September 2000 they released their first cd 'N'ura'/ 'Fo' on the Polish label Ignis with recordings from the period 1995-1998. Two of its members now form the electro/acoustic duo Mommur Chasma." The members are Peter Veenstra, Raymond Dijkstra and Floris Sirag, with Dijkstra these days very active in releasing solo work on highly limited editions LPs.



Anonymous said...

much appreciated!

Ochyming said...


Do you have any OLD Hans Tammen music?

433 RPM said...

no, i don't sorry