Monday, July 14, 2008

Suspect - Tanz Auf Dem Vulkan (tape, LeBel Period lp 400, 1981)

And since nothing works in logical ways, by total contrast of what I wrote yesterday, here's something incomplete. When I posted the LP 'Above Suspicion' by Suspect last year it got a comment by one of the previous members and only recently also by Gila, also a former member of Suspect, and Schlaflose Nachte. She asked what this tape was all about and someone sent it to me shortly afterwards but as you can see on the cover and the tracks, some tracks are missing. Get my drift? But then I thought it would be nice to present it anyway.

new version, with more tracks, and a bit of different sound quality here



per23 said...

Just a quick note saying that this particular post needs to be re-upped.

And, anyway, NLFM is one of my favourite (if not favourite) music blog. Thank you for showing so much great music.

Take care,

433 RPM said...

although i normally don't allow comments that say something should be re-upped (e-mail me, goddamn), i did this, only to say I may have a full version of this tape soon. so Per, if you find more broken links and that these 'particular posts' (it almost sounds like a command, but how can you 'command' somehow who does this a hobby? - curious), please e-mail me. as outlined, maybe too many times before.


per23 said...

Excuse my temporary state of madness (and blindness). I'll try my best not to do it again. :-)

Once again, let me tell you how greatful I am (weare , I guess?) for this particular blog. Thanks to you, I discovered so many great projects and heard a lot of great music. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't came across this band before on here; I have followed it for two years though. It must have slipt by me. I really like this band's sound. Thanks for all the interesting soundz:)