Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jim O'Rourke - Remove The Need (tape, Complacency, 1989)

I was reading the recent Monk Mink Pink Punk this week, in which you can find an interview with Jim O'Rourke, so it's good I thought to post the second tape by Jim, going our way back into history. I see on Jim's Discography that there is apparentely also a tape called Secure on the Loose Rim on Sound of Pig, but I don't believe that. So today 'Remove The Need', which should not be confused with the CD of the same name on Extreme. From the cover: 'solo prepared guitar using only reverb; no overdub or electronic processing used, except on the first and last cuts of both sides with Dan Burke.



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hmmm are you going to use rapidshare from now on ?

try to diversify a bit with megaupload please, everyone uses rapidshare these days so it's hard to keep up with the downloads without an account. That would be great.

and thanks for the ups !

433 RPM said...

yes, most likely i will stay with rapidshare, as share on all might also be not as stable as rapidshare. here's a good tip: download something, play it and then download again. that's what i do


Anonymous said...

"secure on the loose rim" does exist, it was a 20 min or so cassette.. I don't remember it well, I had it and I don't think it was guitar stuff. He also had a very limited cassette on la sonorite jaune's label sj organization, I believe only a handfull of those got out in the world. that was also guitar. There's a few other cassete's that are not on the discography page...

433 RPM said...

then go the basement or theattic and find it for us :)


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THX Allot!

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thanks! looking forward to more!

grasprelease said...

Thanks very much for your blog! Wonderful music and interesting/helpful comments. Here are two very early O'Rourke records, both ripped by a friend of mine from cassette; I think both of these are AAC-320:

SOME KIND OF PAGAN (Sound of Pig, 1989)

SECURE ON THE LOOSE RIM (Sound of Pig, 1991)

These are my links. Please share them, anyone, as you wish. Thanks again for this terrific blog!

Anonymous said...

When trying to unzip, I get a message that folder is empty or archive not supported. I used windows built-in extraction tool and 7-zip, both have the same result.

433 RPM said...

well, i just downloaded it to check, and it works fine. i have no other complaints so it must be at your end.


PBK said...

PBK here:

For those interested, I uploaded two mixtapes O'Rourke sent to me in 1989. They are mostly electroacoustic things he was discovering and listening to while in college. Includes such composers as Dolden, Parmegianni, Francois Bayle, Robert Ashley, Pierre Henry and much more- Check it out at my Sound Genetic blog

rapidshare links here:

PS Great post, "Remove The Need" was an excellent example of O'Rourke's early abstract guitar style.