Sunday, July 27, 2008

Statue Series (four tapes, Seiten Sprung Aufnahmen, 1989)

Ok, so I didn't gave up, since others didn't gave up re-loading. 3 people now working seriously in getting everything back up, which is celebrated today by Sastre winning the Tour de France and you can download this 4 cassette set on the Dutch label Seiten Sprung Aufnahmen, the label of one Bart Hanselaar. Each cassette has sicty minutes by Recycled Body Programm (Hanselaar's own music), Vidna Obmana and Merzbow's S.C.U.M. project. The fourth tape has an additional twenty minutes by each artist. Maybe it seems an odd pairing but it makes actually quite a nice compilation.




Anonymous said...

Hi, very nice tapes, but could you avoid 200 mb pieces in the future ?
I am restarting the dl for the second time, due to interrupted dl :/ (I don't have a RS account)

Thanks anyway

433 RPM said...

me neither and it works fine. easier for me to upload in a somewhat bigger bundle. i am gald rs does 200 now.