Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Odal - Positiv Soundsculptures (tape, Bloedvlag Produkt, 1986)

The first of several posts with the music of Peter Zincken's project Odal. This might be one of his first releases. Zincken first did a magazine, Material, and soon expanded to doing music himself, as Odal, with highly primitive noise made with a cheap machinary. In the 90s he produced one or two 7"s and these days works as Odal, Dr. Bibber and is a part time member of the Fckn Bstrds. He had various labels, of which Bloedvlag was the first, then came Nihilistic Recordings and these days it's called Stront Tapes.



Anonymous said...

Will you be sharing the V/A Penus Rectus tapes?

433 RPM said...

i don't know. it will come on CD later this year, only partially. so perhaps all non CD tracks... but then, first the cd has to be released, so i know what's on there.