Friday, July 18, 2008

Savage Republic - Live At The Melkweg 25.9.87 (tape, Staaltape ST 00S, 1988)

Almost finished doing the tapes I have by Staalplaat (I think just the other Laibach is the one I need to do), and here's Savage Republic with a live recording from 1987. I saw them on the same tour somewhere else and they were in great shape, as this recording proofs. I am no expert on their music, so I am not sure if made all the tags right.



whiteray said...

Hi -- You might be interested in this:

433 RPM said...

If I recall the story right, Johannes Brahms had a composer friend who was not very well-known. Whenever Brahms finished a piece, his friend would re-compose it in the same style. that's what you do. not much effort there I think

Jorge Stretcher said...

Thank you so much for this tape.
I let here a request for 'Ceremonial' with luck you have it.

Anonymous said...

Is very interesting, but not the best, but a very good effort. I have a request that maybe you in that part of the world have a better chance to find. I am looking to hear the second Storung LP- inside the black box. I enjoy the first record, which has consequently been reissued on clogsontronics for those interested.But, this second album is seeming impossible to track, even after speaking to the band themselves, they say they dont know where to find. MAybe you or one of your colleagues know of its existence somewhere? I am dying to hear it:)


433 RPM said...

ceremonial on CD and i keep on saying: buy CDs!

as for storung black box lp... does it exist? i never ever heard of that, so i doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Read Storung's discography. 1985- 'Inside the black box' by Storung.Their 2nd lp.Have no doubts my friend,even they admitted on myspace to me that they had not seen a copy of it in years, nor do they know anyone with one. I know that it was pressed in the Netherlands on the old Clogsontronics. So no doubts, it exist. But where a copy is, I was hopeing you'd know. If you do happen to hear of a copy, put it up:)

433 RPM said...

sure, i will do that...


tristan.koreya said...

thanks for that rare Savage Republic cassette !
Laibach "Ein Schauspieler" has been posted here :
the only missing Staaltape cassette on the blogosphere are :
ST 00D / Nocturnal Emissions
ST 00O / Ende Shneafliet - Untitled
ST 00P / Brion Gysin
as well as :
ST 00N / Chris & Cosey
ST 00Z / Ain Soph
but these ones may be available for sale on CD...

433 RPM said...

i think nocturnal emissions has been released on CD too, by soleilmoon. i don't know for sure, I sold most of their cds. i will send you ende shneafliet and gysin then. one day