Saturday, October 13, 2007

Portion Control - Dining On The Fresh (tape, In Phaze, 1981), Surface And Be Seen (12", In Phaze, 1982) - no flexi...!

More early Portion Control! What a great synth pop and what a pity not more of it is officially re-released. 'Dining On The Fresh' is a really short cassette, only 10 minutes. It came with a flexi, but that one is bumped here, so I couldn't record it. I however scanned all the inserts, except the misplaced button, and the balloon which I never heard. 'Surface And Be Seen' was their first outing on vinyl and is still great too. Let me know if anyone has the flexi as a MP3, as I more than happy to replace this upload with a more complete version (

'Dining On The Fresh' (tape, In Phaze, 1981)
'Surface And Be Seen' (12", In Phaze, 1981)

more early portion control


fiatdeluxe said...

Much obliged! Some of the old Portion Control releases are actually good enough to compel me to turn them off.

433 RPM said...

must be my english, but shouldn't that be: turn you on?

Cliff Richard's Neck said...

Peel Session from '84 here if you're interested

Anonymous said...

I have a perfect ripp of that flex but I guess you dont want my favours .


Novemberer said...

Many, many thanks for these excellent early Portion Control rarities, I only ever managed to find the vinyl at the time... x