Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Attrition - Onslaught (tape, Third Mind, 1983)

For me Attrition was once one of my more favourable bands, but after their second LP I lost my interest entirely. 'Onslaught' is one of the first tapes by them, from 1983, when they were still quite a good band. And it's on Third Mind, which was/is one of my more favourite cassette labels.



Ceci said...

Thank you! This is great. Would you happen to have any of their other early cassette releases? Eager to hear them.

W. said...

Although they did go more "commercial" sounding I continued buying Attrition releases because they still had interesting ideas and some occasional briliantly dark and mysterious tracks. And generally I liked what they did in the way of mixing classical and electronics and I generally prefered the tracks with ethereal female vocals.
I still reckon they're good band.