Monday, February 2, 2009

Trax Anthems 2 (tape, Trax 0983, 1983)

Another compilation, and one that has partly been posted before here. The cassette version, which I am posting here, has a couple of extra tracks. This is the complete traxlist:

A1 Naif Orchestra Fratelli D'Italia (4:36)
A2 DDAA La Marseillaise (2:16)
A3 P16.D4 Action: Leer.Korn;Bier (3:08)
A4 Van Kaye & Ignit Wilhelmus, Part 1 & 2 (4:17)
A5 Renaldo & The Loaf Then At Iona Lanthem (3:53)
A6 Bene Gesserit La Brabançonne (3:20)
A7 La Otra Cara De Un Jardin The Last Minutes Of Everyday (2:35)
A8 Laibach Hej Slovani (3:34)
A9 Henryk Gajewsky Jeszcze Polska Nie Zginela (2:55)
B1 No Night Sweats The Gundagai Coolabah (2:49)
B2 Merzbow Kimigayo (4:21)
B3 Olho Seco Botas, Fuzis, Capacetes (1:09)
B4 Spirocheta Pergoli Munrovia Sunrise (4:15)
B5 001011011100...Cancer Hodors Walley (0:54)
B6 Prhemm UrsSA (3:20)
B7 Gerlovins & Charlie Morrow, The The Russian American Anthem (1:35)
B8 Olho Seco Castidade (1:23)
B9 Monty Cantsin Catastronics (4:40)
B10 Oxomaxoma Si Es Que Asi Se La Puede Llamar (1:33)
B11 Culturcide The Star-Spangled Banner (1:16)
B12 Haters, The No Canada (2:08)

I believe it came with a booklet, which I no longer have (and therefore its not for sale), but thanks to deli plain I got some scans of it.



GX Jupitter-Larsen said...

It should be noted that because of a very bad mastering job by the label, The Haters' piece is very incomplete. The Haters had sent in a 4-track reel-to-reel to be mixed down to stereo. Some how, 2 of the 4 tracks got left out. What you end up with is nothing like what The Haters had wanted.

Anonymous said...

Truely fantastic music. Thanks