Thursday, February 19, 2009

Experiences Sonoras (tape, Anti-Demos Cracia, 1991)

Also from Portugal (I know it said Spain before, but people keep sending comments, always a more fun activity that reading them, saying its a Portugese label, so I changed this) is this compilation with lots of names I never heard of, like Antes Dementes, Vulture's Eye, Ovo, Ignore Alien Orders, Die Neue Sonne, Sebastian Gandera, Erros Alternados. So the only familiar names were Kapotte Muziek and Møhr. The cover has a mistake so on the back a small paper was glued with some additional track info. I hope I made the right order of tracks then.

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[POL-PAT] said...


Very nice post!

For more information about Ant-Demos-Cracia go to their blog. It is a portuguese label. enjoy


Mabye interesting too for you and the readers is a site from the german label ZNS where you found old tapes with Møhr, Maeror Tri, Vidna Obmana, Big City Orchestra, Suicide Commado, Vulture's Eye and many more known and unknown artists.



Orbis Tertius said...

Hi there! This compilation isn't from Spain but from Portugal. It's name is Experiências Sonoras (it means Sonic Experiences). You can see it at
The bands are Mohr (Germany), Sebastian Gandera (France), Erros Alternados (Portugal), Kapotte Muziek (Netherlands), A. D. (Portugal), Die Neue Sonne (Portugal), Ignore Alien Orders (Germany), Ovo (Portugal), Vulture´s Eye (Germany)

433 RPM said...

ah yes, portugal. kapotte muziek told me later. he did a piece with a visual representing the title, which was in line with a release he did for tragic figures.

A.Caeiro said...


ANTI-DEMOS-CRACIA is a Portuguese net-label.

see more:
Best Regards.

Anonymous said...
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433 RPM said...

its clear now, after 5 or so comments that they are from portugal, its rather pointless to leave more comments telling the same thing. to pick a bone too: how it can it be a net label, when it is a cassette that I posted?

A.Caeiro said...
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433 RPM said...

after all that is mentioned on these comments are we now getting the entire anti-demos blog as separate comments? this one only, the rest will be refused.