Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Young Lions (tape, Amphibious Records A003, 1982)

From the time when the Young Lions were still a five piece band, including Tim Benjamin, Ronald Heiloo, Peter Mertens, Harold Schellinx and Rob Scholte (the later famous painter who was attacked with a car bomb). Tracks on this cassette have been recorded at various occasions during 1979 and 1980. Some of this with a cassette recorder with built-in microphone during rehearsals, some using sound-on-sound. The latter were used as demo's.

Not for sale



Psyence Guy said...

Incredible, thanks! That was an awesomely loopy ritualistic drone dub sounding album. Loved the suffocatingly creepy atmosphere and the few primitive synth tracks.


hefferman said...

Available now as a hi-quality digital album download at Bandcamp. If you buy tracks or the full album, paiements go directly to the artists. Thanks!
Through training and battle (1979-1980) - The Young Lions