Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Diana Ozon & Ludwig Wisch - Laag Bij De Gronds (tape, Blessure Records, 1982)

Diana Ozon is a dutch poet who started out in the early punk scene in Amsterdam. She did the Coekrant along with Hugo Kaagman, and had a club, bookstore and gallery in her squat. She still writes poetry until this very day and is apparently quite famous.

This tape has her poetry (also released as a book) and she used to perform with bands (although her website doesn't say which bands that would be). She was sacked for a real singer and then she got help from Ludwig Wisch on new music, which was much quieter and nicer. Perhaps at times even a bit reggea/dub like.

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Psyence Guy said...

SOunds very interesting, the description that is. Can't wait to hear it. Thank you!