Monday, August 10, 2009

Seven Code (tape, 1982)

Manufactured in Holland it says on the cover, but the recordings were made in tel Aviv, in september-november 1981. I never heard of them until I got it from Dr. Freakowitz. Seven Code is Fortis (vocals, guitar, synth) and Yoyo on synth, bass, vocal) with one Schultz as guest on vocal and saxophone. Quite nice minimal synth music.

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Skiddo said...

Fortis and Shultz playing "new wave" in 1978:

Fortis was also in a minimal-synth group called Chromosome that put out a quite good 5 song EP around 1981 (audio at: )

Rami Fortis is a well known artist still active in Israel.

hogon said...

blimey ! neat stuff :]

Skiddo, do you have more info on the Israeli/Near Eastern 80es scene ? more specifically the experimental side of it [maybe stuff like Herzliyya Boardwalk String Sextet / Joseph Copolovich] ?

if you do mail me at