Saturday, August 1, 2009

Frans Friederich & Lukas Simonis - Das Leben Ist Schön (tape, 1995)

donated by Pascal 'titi' Tabarnac

This was actually never released officially. They only made a bunch of cassettes for friends & neighbours. We speak the year 1995-ish. Frans & Lukas visited the SubAcqua studio's on a regular basis and recorded there with the help of Camille Dings, the main man. It was a strange mixture of gabber, weird improv, covers of BeachBoys & other songs, and the occasional song they wrote themselves. It was appr. the same period that Frans & Robert Kroos recorded their masterpiece 'Estos Noson Pagagos (still available on the Mutant Sounds blog). Two songs were made with the Swiss band Les Halmas & AA Kismet-singer Eveline Ketterings; Go Away & Another Song. Also Camille does some stuff here and there. Les Halmas were; Trixa Arnold, Ilya Komarov and Simon Dellsperger. The sleeve is a reconstruction; only the mastertape was saved. (if anybody still has the original sleeve, we'd be much obliged).

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Red Bol said...

that would be the same Camille as the one active here:

Red Bol said...

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weiger deze maar dan ;-)

leuke upload ... hebben de nummers ook een volgorde?

433 RPM said...

ik weet het niet. misschien tabarnac het wel weet?


Anonymous said...

side 1; das leben ist schon /born teh luv ye / cringwall/ more hands yeah / tu va faire/ jesus
side 2; do your balls hang low/ go away / sloop john b /another song / canelloni/ great day to get drunk