Monday, August 17, 2009

Tak Tak Tak 2 (tape, Tak Tak Tak 2, 1987)

From a friend I borrowed some tapes, and that included four issues of Tak Tak Tak. He only gave me the cassettes, not the magazines. From the current website: "In 1986 Tak Tak Tak the independent publishing house/label first published a journal devoted to experimental writing, sound and image. Backissues, along with various other publications and sound releases can be purchased via our Catalogue". Tak Tak Tak 1 I don't have, but here is the out of print number 2, which has music and found sound by Blurt, Martien Groenevelt, The Colonels, Ted Milton. The magazine I seem to recall also had found bits, writing and photography. not scanned. This post doesn't even have a proper track list - sorry. Tak Tak tak 3-6 are still available as cassettes or CDs (so I won't post them, which unfortunately I found out after ripping them). All of these are highly recommended: music, spoken word and found sound, great travelogues.

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