Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Forced Run (tape, Het Zweet, ?)

Before Het Zweet gained some reputation through their liason with the Recloose Organisation, they, or rather he (Marien van Oers) released some tapes, some through Staalplaat. Before Het Zweet there was Forced Run. This tape here is rather short, and released on the label Het Zweet (rather confusing perhaps), and consists of two unnamed persons playing bass synthesizer percussion and vocals along with prepared rhythm tapes. Perhaps more like a demo.

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hogon said...

I most probably asked this before, but you don't happen to have a Het Zweet tape called "Massive Trance" ?

hogon said...

This Forced Run tape indeed seems to be more like a demo prior to their 'proper' C60 release on Staalplaat. I hoped to hear some new material by the unexpectingly wavy Het Zweet predecessor, but these versions are almost exactly the same as on the Staalplaat tape [except for the last track - 'Drowned Dogs'].

433 RPM said...

i think i saw massive trance for download somewhere else, but i don't recall where. sorry that this post today is such a disappointment then.