Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Suivre - Comfort Drill (tape, Town And Country Collection Tapes TTACC 004, 1984)

From Rotterdam came A Suivre, a trio of Bob Stoute, Rob van Asperen an Martin Doctors van Leeuwen. I know nothing about them, as usual. The music is quite disco like, lots of early sampling (tape loops) and electronic.

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P@ndora said...

Rob van Asperen played drums in Coitus Int. and died in 2005.

Martin Docters van Leeuwen also played bass in Spasmodique.

Psyence Guy said...

Anything that gets the head spinning. Thanks!

Salaried Man Club said...

Very great cassette, quality conversion. A bit of early Bryn Jones, though some of the ghost of John Bender lies in here too.

turn said...

superb stuff, thanks.