Monday, April 14, 2008

Udt Sampler (tape, United Dairies UDT 18, 1987)

I always liked this one, as much as it also annoyed me. Music by artists unknown on the Nurse With Wound label, so perhaps it's Nurse in disguise? I see on this discogs this track list:

A1 Unknown Artist Untitled
A2 Unknown Artist Untitled
A3 Chrystal Belle Scrodd iDeath (Vocal Version)
Vocals - Diana Rogerson
A4 Unknown Artist Untitled
A5 Unknown Artist Untitled
B1 Nurse With Wound Astral Dustbin Dirge (Basic Track)
B2 Unknown Artist Untitled
B3 Unknown Artist Untitled
B4 Unknown Artist Untitled
B5 Nurse With Wound You Walrus Hurt The One You Love (Excerpt)

which is nice enough, but I made some lesser tracks, judging by own. Much piano music on side one, but collage like sounds on the other. Quite a mystery indeed.



frostymug said...

The download contains 5 tracks. Is this side one or side two? Will the other side be uploaded?

kevinass said...

i'm only getting 5 unknown songs when i download....not sure if it's my end or yours! thanks for all the great posts!!

433 RPM said...

this is both sides, i made splits between tracks according to my ears not what it says on discogs. i sort of say so in the text already, actually