Monday, April 21, 2008

La Sonorite Jaune & The Haters - The Interstellar Destroyed Music Mail Project (tape, SJ Organisation, 1987)

My final post on La Sonoite Jaune, as I don't seem to have their Complacency release, is their 'music by mail' release with The Haters. The cover says: 'The Interstellar Destroyed Music Mail Project was suggested by La Sonorite Jaune to The Haters in february 1987... S.J. started the recording and mixing of basispieces, using its favorite sound elements (birds, concrete noises, voices, and various acoustical instruments) to provide 8 soundtracks explaining their so-called parallel universe. The result was sent to The Haters who wishes manipulating the sounds to their conveniences to complete this ID.M.M.P. According to their famous concept their recorded the destroyed version of La Sonorite Jaune's Music'. I know The Haters don't like their music to be posted, but I hope, to get this almost complete picture of La Sonorite Jaune, that this is o.k.



The Haters said...

Yes, it's OK... ;)

Anonymous said...

a zillion times THANKS!!! i've been looking for this f***in'tape for some 16-17 years!!! had read an extensive feature on la sonorite jaune either in neo rok 'zine (greece) or brwmia zine (greece) for sure in metro riquet as well. 've beenlooking for their tapes and each time back then was unlucky! especially that one i recall seeing it in the mail order catalogue of sounds for consciousness rape (for sure) but was also unlucky as when i managed to find the money to get it, was gone! also no luck w/ other mail orders of that time and finally here it is!!!
hilia euharistw!!!