Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Eric Lunde - Witness To Disaster (LP, V2 Archief V215, 1992)

Some later release by Eric Lunde, part of a performance at V2 in 's-Hertogenbosch. He wasn't there and part of it was delivered through the phone. Like I said before, I never got a real clue what his work was all about. When V2 announced the release of this LP, people who paid for it in advance got a free cassette. I think about 72 were made, but I have one. It's all part of the zip.



Anonymous said...

can you repost this album and Eric Lunde - XCHDX: On The Terrain Of Prophecy LP? I somehow missed them. Thank you.

433 RPM said...

which part you didn't understand? REPORT BROKEN LINKS THROUGH E-MAIL, NOT AS COMMENT.
if you send more comments like this, then i won't repost anything.