Monday, April 28, 2008

Hula - Shadowland/Walk On Stalks Of Shattered Glass (LP, 12", Red Rhino Records, 1986)

The fourth post with the music of Hula, see the first post for more information. 'Shadowland' is something of an odd ball in their catalogue, more ambient like, and recorded live in a gallery.



Anonymous said...

Thank you, you are the BlogLORD !

Kraken Soundscapes said...

*bows* you just made my day (AND my birthday) with this post.Man it has been almost 20 years since i last heard this.... I always rented it at the local audioteque.... aghh the memories.
This work is pure genius.
Thanks a million!

433 RPM said...

well, happy birthday then!

bloglord (?)

Anonymous said...

It's so convenient for you to post this; my local store just got these two records in a few days ago. I passed up on them in favor of Snakefinger (Manual of Errors and Chewing Hides the Sound) and some others, but I'll give this download a go and see if that directs me into buying. Thanks a lot!

Eden 263 said...

Thanks again for a great blog!