Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pacific 231/Dernier Du Culte (LP, Dedali Opera opus 1, 1989)

I already did the upload on Massmirror, and then I looked at discogs, and noted this is a split LP, rather than a collaboration (the cover doesn't indicate this). So the long first track is by Pacific 231, the other three by Denier Du Culte, you may want to adjust your tags for this. Pacific 231 is a french man Pierre Jolivet was very active in the 80s as an industrial artist, and still works today. Denier Du Culte was the group of Alain Basso, Philippe Blanchard and Sylvie Loquet. Blanchard is best known as Lieutenant Caramel. The group never had many releases, and was disbanded in the early nineties. They play a more musique concrete styled industrial music.


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jd45 said...

Nice post.
I used to listen to P231 many years ago.