Friday, April 25, 2008

Bushido - Voices (12", Third Mind Records TMS 05, 1985)

From Gary Levermore's project Bushido I posted the LP 'The Sands Of Nakajima' before and his other two releases 'Among The Ruins' and 'Deliverance' are on Mutant Sounds. There is quite a bunch of tracks from compilations, but lots I don't have, but it would make a nice extra post. Alas, it's not. But 'Voices' is quite a nice one anyone.



ozymandias said...

Hey -- quick note. "Among The Ruins" was actually posted on The Thing on the Doorstep, not Mutant Sounds.

Thanks for posting these two releases!

433 RPM said...

sorry about that mistake!


litlgrey said...

Haa, I remember this single! Gary used to send me review copies of all his records back then.

What really makes this single work is the voice of Julie from Attrition.

Later attempts at Bushido in kind of an ineptly forced funk direction truly didn't work, but this was a great single.