Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dry Lungs Three (LP, Placebo Records, 1987)

The only other volume I have from the Dry Lungs series is number 3. This already goes into different musical areas, with some improvised music by Un Drame Musical Instantane, Helen Sage, computer music by John Wiggins and also we find Maybe Mental, Cranioclast, Paul Lemos, John Wiggins, Hauswolff/Karkowski, Greater Than One (another remarkable band on a compilation such as this), Collectif Nox, Phantom Tollbooth, Die Form and Arthur Potter (who also painted the cover and much of Controlled Bleeding covers).



k said...

i'm so happy to have found these dry lungs and sexorama comps you posted! thanks much for making them available, as well as all the other great stuff i see here!

i grew up in a tiny town, and it took years & a move to los angeles for me to discover many of the artists i enjoy listening to now. no web when i was growing up, ugh! how nice it would have been just to have had the opportunity to learn of the more obscure artists around, and even better to be able to get a taste of their works.

just wanted to point out that you really are doing a great service to the geographically isolated music lovers out there. anyone against music sharing would do well to note that this is a large group of people who are often eager, as i was, to find something cool to spend their money on. ;)

Donut Duck said...

Thank you for sharing all the Dry Lungs compilations. Been looking for them for ages - wish Placebo Rec. would be back in business and reissue all their gems... Do you probably more Placebo records to share? We could also trade in case you are interested!


skip said...

just got the gibbering canker-opera slaves (studies in meditation and evisceration) 5-cd box set & had to pull out my old Dry Lungs II vinyl in commemoration...thanks for posting this stuff to make my obsession complete!