Friday, April 3, 2009

Illusion Of Safety - Live Sound Of IOS Post Effects (tape, Complacency, 1987)

I am a bit in a hurry to get to my job, but here's a nice IOS tape, especially for that person whom I had to disapoint in yesterday's comments. Illusion Of Safety live late 1986, early 1987.



Anonymous said...

I am the "disappointed" person of yesterday, but also the very pleased person of today!

Thanks a lot! Checking the blog every day and having the hope of seeing a tape from a band I like is always a special moment of the day.

So, yeah, I hope the blog would be eternal, even if that's impossible.

Thanks a lot,
Julian (or yesterday's disappointed person!).

Anonymous said...

digging this one alot! thanks so much!

just discovered your site recently and really appreciate your making this music available. Some I remember and some I am thrilled to be discovering! thanks again!