Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Three Tapes by Stichting Update Materials

I posted all the tapes I had from this label, leaving three titles that I didn't have, but thanks to Dr. Freakowitz, I can now proudly say that we posted all known tapes from this label (according to the 'Nederlandse Cassette Catalogus'). First there is the tape 'Juli '80' by Martin Hoogenboom and P. Kok, who locked themselves in a room every night and the whole weekend to create music together, using instruments and objects such plastic bags, radio and skrewdriver.
Atmaksis is a free jazz band with Ahrend Nijenhuis and Sjef Poort on piano, electric piano, polysynth, Gijs van Dijk (bass) an Max Brunet de Rochebrune (drums) and their tape is based on texts by Franz Kafka.
P. Kok's solo tape is a soundtrack to something, but the cover is not clear wether this is a film or theatre. The music for all three is rooted in rock, but much more experimental, with especially Kok/Hoogenboom and Kok solo with some surprising elements

M. Hoogeboom & P. Kok - Juli '80 (tape, Stichting Update Materials st 001, 1980)
Atmaksis - Friends (tape, Stichting Update Materials st 009, 198?)
P.Kok - Dergard & Tcham (tape, Stichting Update Materials st EEE, 1984)

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