Sunday, December 28, 2008

Poltergeist (tape, Dill Productions dill 019, 1985)

Today one of those obscure compilations, the third volume of Poltergeist. I don't have volume one or two and I didn't scan the booklet - I am lazy. But the music is quite nice and has many unknown bands. Included are Z.D.L., Artless Time, Gurk, Extrema Cordialidad, El Pa Dels Probes, Griselda Espinach, Bruno Cassano, Kapotte Muziek, WST, Louis Pasteur, Zewa X, Comando Bruno, Dieti & The Dietis, Trigger B, Sam Gorki, For Beast And Beauty and S. Gustav Hagglund.

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Anonymous said...

Oscure & compilation are two of my favorite words, thanks to your site and its contemporaries. This one looks like yet another lost treasure. Thanks


Hi! In this compilation, 4 groups are from Spain.
Griselda Espinach is the sister of Jordi (L´akstemaun├ži├│), playing a crazy version over a song of Diamanda Galas.
"Extrema cordialidad homicida" are a combo from Valencia.
"El pa dels pobres", or in english "The bread of the poor mens", as onvolucrate in radio stations, but no more info.
and, Comando Bruno, the alias of Rafael Flores, is very know in the industrial music around.
Too much TX for this incredible tape! :D

Anonymous said...

where did this tape came from??????????????????
who recorded Griselda?
Oh my god???
More info of El pa dels Pobres???

433 RPM said...

i borrowed this from thearchives of kapotte muziek, who is on this. no further information known

VUZ said...


This tape was compiled and released by myself on the label Dill Prod., which I used to run back then. All in all 4 parts were released, the final part came 7 years later. The artist were asked for an exclusive track and artwork for the booklet. No limitation, no numbering but I think less than 100 copies of each edition were made. If you would like more info (or even buy the tape(s) - yes, they are still available), feel free to contact me:
info (at) vuzrecords (dot) de