Thursday, December 25, 2008

Oscar's X-Mas Carols 1984 (tape, Noel 1, 1984)

'Happy Christmas, although you don't care' wrote Dr. Freakowitz, and once again, he was right. I don't care, but like last I am posting a christmas tape compiled by Oscar Smit, once from the magazine Vinyl and the man with absolute knowledge on cassettes in 1980s. This is was the first issue he did in 1984, and he had friends in high places, as it has music by Van Kaye & Ignit, Legendary Pink Dots, Stratis, Pascal Comelade, Det Wiehl, Utilisation Du Vieux Port, Geluidshouwerij, Anne Gillis, Atom Cristal and the excellent, excellent piece by Ende Shneafliet, plus some more 'assorted scratching and soundpieces by Grandmaster O. Thanks to Dr. Freakowitz.

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soundhead said...

this is great. thanks.

Starsailor said...

hi, I'm searching for all Pascal Comelade's tracks on compilations and your blog has already offered two very rare !
thanks so much for your extraordinary work of (he)art!

ps : there's a french tape called "Unique", issued in 1983 with a Comelade track called "Holger Meins", any hints ?

433 RPM said...

don't know that holger meins thing, sorry...