Thursday, December 18, 2008

Szarkov & Mario Marzidovsek - Live (tape, De Koude Oorlog, 1987)

I posted something by Szarkov before, and said I didn't know much about this band, but now that I studied this cover, I see the line up mentioned: Dick de Booij (vocals, percussion, keyboards, tapes), H.P. Flohr (bas), Richard Maipauw (flute, anklung, guitar), Michel Alders (drums, percussion, metallurgia), Marc 'A' (guitar, percussion) and Raymond Coster (guitar). This tape contains a live recording from 1987 at Gallerie 33 in Den Helder and also a live piece by Mario Marzidovsek. What ever happened to him? Anyone knows?



aethr said...

Hi, I once bought almost the whole catalog of the De Koude Oorlog label, some 15 to 20 cassettes. It included tapes by s.core, the collective, dikyl brobojo, arise all hammers (compilation), etc. That same batch also included Katacombe vol.6, that must sound familiar. I could look up the box containing those tapes if needed.

The Soul Representative said...

Hi, I'm Marc A.
De Koude oorlog was Dick's (Dikyl Brobojo) own label/recordshop. Not much larger than a small room, but a very cool place to hang out at in Den Helder, which is a culturally barren city, a Navy town.
Dick once told me that Koude Oorlog had a large fanbase/lots of customers in Japan.
He suffered from a disease that caused him to bruise easily, bruises and wounds took forever to heal. his bones were brittle. He was a small man, but his ideas were large.
So without fear he started Szarkov as his own industrial band. The band existed exactly as long as Dick lasted, he's dead now.
We played many shows. In Rotterdam, Den Helder, Zwaag (Het Zweet was there too). etc. I remember playing at a "Eindexamenfeest" in a large school somewhere. When the organisers realised what Szarkov was all about they had the soundman pull the plugs. But we kept playing anyway. It just meant banging much harder on steel objects.
Of particular interest to me is a show in a squatted building Wijk aan Zee. I played with my back to the audience and was very surprised to see an EMPTY hall. Everyone had fled the noise.
If anyone has a tape of that show, please share it!
Szarkov was a bit of a collective thing... Many members came and went.
I'm still friends with Michel, but lost track of the others.

433 RPM said...

hi aethr, please let me know which tapes you by e-mail and thanks Marc A for your lengthy story!

433 RPM said...

Hi Aethr,
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