Saturday, December 20, 2008

De Fabriek - Enz Enz (tape, De Fabriek Records & Tapes, 198?)

The big multi-sets are gone for a while, so not much weekend fun there, but here is a pretty long tape by De Fabriek. Not any info on the tape except for the title and the band name.



space debris said...

Thank you for this and the many other excellent shares !
Anything by De Fabriek is greatly appreciated but so are many of the other (re)discoveries from this blog.
I know from experience how much work it is to rip and post albums on a regular basis and I respect this a lot what you are doing.
So yes, keep going please, but also keep it fun for yourself !
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

second at what space debris says!

thanks for all your efforts - this blog has had such a wonderful influence on my musical tastes!

Anonymous said...

I love you.

I really mean it, I love you.

Also, De Fabriek's "Ekko" tape only had a "Side B"... I think the "Side A" is missing.

Anyway.... I love you.

433 RPM said...

idon't think its missing.

Anonymous said...

Ahh... the two sides are recorded as one track... !!!!

Oh well... it took my a while to guess it!

Keep the good job, you're amazing!

Anonymous said...

this casette is called ENZ, ENC

/ metek

433 RPM said...


why is it called enz, enc as the image clearly indicates something else?