Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Portion Control - Psycho-bod Saves The World (LP, Dead Man's Curve dmc 008, 1986)

I put some early Portion Control before here, and I must admit I like the very early years a lot. I hear Vinyl On Demand may do a 5LP set of that early work, which is great news. This LP was from a bit later, and acquired by me only recently. Not exactly the kind of Portion Control I like very much, but not bad either. Lots of heavy rhythm and vocals.



Eden 263 said...

This is a fantastic LP, well worth getting!

You can get the early Portion Control releases on CD as a box set called Archive from the band, they still exist, at http://www.portion-control.net/

News of other relases can be found there.

Also available on iTunes.

These guys are Gods!

Anonymous said...

this is their worst album