Monday, November 24, 2008

Z'EV - Bust This! (LP, Dossier Records ST 7544, 1988)

After I uploaded my Z'EV thing, I saw that on The Thing On The Doorstep there is the great Z'EV 7" 'Wipe Out' so I'd say be sure to get that too! In 'One Foot In The Grave', Z'EV writes: "Andrew and Z'EV at the black boxes. This was actually our first 'in person; work together - just before the Open In Obscurity material was assembled. Q#1 was the only piece for multiple players ever released, and used the Apollohuis unstallation and O.D. Studios phase relation to outstanding effect. The rest featured fragments from the past, reprocessed digitally. It also featured a completely reconstructed composition of Z'EV by Andrew while I lay sick upstairs'. As you may have guessed less based on percussion and more on tape treatments. Quite an ugly cover, I think.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this...
I've been watching your blog the last few weeks (daily). I just knew you were going to put this specific record here :-)

keep up the great work.

btw reading your blogs I read somewhere you were looking for your lost 'De Brassers - Levend' tape:

link rae said...

de brassers "levend II" ... anyone ?

433 RPM said...
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