Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Omit - Transmogrification (tape, Deepskin Conceptual Mindmusic, 1993)

More music from the land of kiwi, by Omit, as posted before.



A. said...

Great! thank you! have you got some more Omit to share??
& also: thanks for posting "The Surface of The Earth" by the way...

433 RPM said...

yes, i do: two more tapes, two lathe cut 7"s and two works of kgroup & omit - all will come, due time.


The Gosub Routine said...

I can help out, if you want?
I have these:


[1989] Intromit
[1990] Internal
[1990] Signals
[1991] A Block Of Face
[1992] Fluid
[1992] Ionospheres
[1993] Quad
[1993] Retraction
[1994] The Invision State
[1995] Rundowns
[1997] Zero
[1999] Interior Desolation
[2000] Frequency Drop-Points
[2001] Rejector
[2003] Recycled Music
[2005] InterCeptor
[2005] Tracer


[1996] Deformed [with Dust]

433 RPM said...

why don't start a blog your self then? One of the things about my blog is that i have this stuff, and its not a collection of stuff I got via soulseek or such like. you can never know if something is complete with that and with me you can be sure. also i don't do cds.


a. said...

thank you 433 rpm! i'm a regular reader of your blog.

The Gosub Routine: I'm desperately looking for the complete Quad 3xCD... I've only a part of it. if you could help on your blog or .... I don't know... well just tell it here!

433 RPM said...

i have quad, but as said, i don't post cds. asking people to contact you and being anonymous is a bit difficult too


The Gosub Routine said...

I really don't have the time to start a blog [maybe soon?], but I don't mind doing the odd conversion of some of Omit's tapes and sending you the links.

I got quite a few of his old tapes from distro labels like 'Fourth dimension' and 'Fisheye'. There are some that I got from friends etc, etc...I bought albums such as 'Rejector' and 'Tracer' on CD.


433 RPM said...

ok, thendo so. i have intromit, internal, zero.