Thursday, November 20, 2008

Steve Moore - The Threshold Of Liberty (tape, Inner Ear, 1990)

This Scottish composer released, according to Discogs one LP on ReR Megacorp and this cassette, 'produced over innumerable hours at the Electroacoustic Studio, University of Durham'. The music is a like: tape collages of voices and electronic sounds. The title piece is a great almost plunderphonic like piece and was released on a compilation 'Interchange 1', which I will post soon. Great stuff. This should be on CD, I think.



Anonymous said...

Thanks. But is this the same guy as R. Stevie Moore? I think that's an American guy, did a lot of tape releases in the 80s. Just a similar name. Makes no difference.

433 RPM said...

if it would be the same guy, wouldn't it be then on the cover as r stevie moore?


Anonymous said...

For more information on Steve Moore, see the official Steve Moore appreciation society:
here and here. Thanks for promoting Moore on your blog.

Medicijnman said...

If interesting I can upload his cassette The Return of the Poet (1984) to this blog in the near future. Contains also very interesting pieces of contemporay music.

vespucci said...

Medicijnman - please do so! I guess there are someones around that would be interested in "Return of the Poet".
At least Continuo - - would probably post it.

Ostar said...

On "The Threshold of Liberty" is a piece called "Return of the Poet" - does this differ from the contents of the "Return of the Poet" cassette?

433 RPM said...

i have no idea, i only know this tape