Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rogues Gallery (tape, Bog Art, 1986)

More compilations today (and tomorrow). Here one released by Bog-Art, a German label and musician of the same name. Included here are De Fabriek, Elcarna, Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl, Kapotte Muziek, Big City Orchestra, Arnovah, Urbain Autopsy, Costes Cassette, If Bwana, Louis Pasteur, No Unauthorized, Pacific 231, Mario Marziovsek, Berserker, Narzisse, Didier Moulinier, Hags, 37 Pink, Vivenza, The Haters, Falx Cerebri, Linea Tactica.

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Thanks for this awesome stuff!.
I´m looking for "Bo-gart" tapes around all, but no lucky!..
Again, Tx a lot!
See at my little blog..(Only experimental/industrial Spain stuff):
The band called "Línea táctica" is a old (and, at this days, alive) crew based on mail-art, performances, etc... from San Sebastián (Spain)
The last reference of this combo are at this link:

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Hubert Haverkamp said...

"...German label and musician of the same name..." ?????
The Label: Bog-Art
The musician: bogArt

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