Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Uno X Uno - El Infinito Cercano (tape, De Fabriek Records & Tapes, 19??)

De Fabriek as a label released mainly stuff by De Fabriek, but here they did a tape from a band from Argentina. Uno X Uno consists of Ignatz (guitarra midi + sampler), Jorge Garcia (guitarra), Gustavo Gatti (percusion electronica deformada y voces ambientales) and Carlos Alonso (voz, bajo, guitarra y teclado). Quite interesting pop music

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Originally released in Argentina in 1986 on a tape label called Catálogo Incierto. First tape by them, IIRC. They were quite active in the late 1980s trying to get their music on several European comps and the like. They're still going on by the way. They released six or seven more tapes and a handful of CDs, beginning with "Flores japonesas" in 1996. I think that Carlos Alonso is the only one remaining from this lineup. The band was always more or less his project.

Their label, La Sonrisa de Luz/Ediciones Efimeras, distributed in Argentina some releases by Sound of Pig Music in the late 80s. Nowadays it just releases Uno x Uno's music.

Ignatz, who played on this cassette, released a CD in the late 1990s.