Friday, November 6, 2009

Ca Qui Parle (tape, Exart Tapes EA0 21, 1986)

I was busy yesterday preparing stuff for my work, so I was without my own home computer to post something. OK, so two posts today. First there is this one by Ca Qui Parle, which I remember were two boys from IJmuiden, who recorded music in old bunkers to get some kind of natural reverb. I don't know their names, and believe they didn't do anything else.

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Rômulo said...

It's Ça Qui Parle, no?

thanks for upload!

433 RPM said...

It's Ça Qui Parle, yes, you did figure that out alright. very good

Adam said...

any chance to upload this tape again?:)

433 RPM said...

any chance you might read our re-up policy, instead of sending comments twice?